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Xoaam Equestrian provides specialist training and equipment. Our offerings include:


  • Equipment sales

  • Behaviour training

  • Bringing on young horses

  • Starting and restarting

  • Teaching, training, clinics and mentoring

  • Buying & Selling horses for clients

  • Equestrian Consultancy


Xoaam Equestrian supplies high quality competatively priced equipment for horse training as used & recommended by international trainers. We specialise in high quality equipment for all markets including horse handling, Dressage, Jumping, and all forms of ‘Natural Horsemanship’. We believe our products are equally suitable across all disciplines.


The rope we use for our halters and lines is top quality polyester marine braid. The rope has a braided core within a braided cover, giving good strength, softness and feel. We have been involved in making this equipment since 1999 and have extensive experience in designing, making and using this equipment. You will find our rope products have balance, strength, low stretch, good feel and high UV resistance. Our rope is soft on the hands and the horse and improves with age.




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