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Is it possible to convince a horse that "everything that buzzes feels good"? Pat Parelli has created a unique preparation program designed to help you help your horse to LOVE being clipped!

  • Clipper Savvy (5min.) Pat discusses the sizes of clippers he uses, as well as useful tips for preparation and maintenance of your clipping tools.
  • Horse Preparation (20min.) Pat introduces Allure, Linda Parelli's high-spirited young Warmblood, and explains his preparation program for clipping with confidence.
  • Allure's Prep & Clip (89min.) Watch Linda Parelli and Allure do their preparation "homework", and how they approach their first clipping session with Pat.
  • Q&A (22min.) "Should you tie a horse up to clip him?" Pat answers this and more questions regarding clipping.
  • Natural Winter Clip (26min.) Pat shows how he would clip one of his horses to tidy up those winter fuzzes.
  • Seven Games Bonus (38min.) Pat gives an overview of how he uses his 'Seven Games' to prepare a horse for clipping.


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