Rope Halter


Manufacturer: Xoaam Equestrian

Stock Level: 100

Product Information

This low cost range of horseman's halters are hand tied, and the knots are balanced in strategic places. The loop for attaching lines hangs below the jaw and acts as a hinge. The halter is made from quality, soft yachting rope that offers the ultimate in softness and strength and is ideal for natural horsemanship training.

Sizes (typical fitting - measure the nose just below the check bone):

  • Small - noseband: 22" min (560mm)
  • Standard/Medium - noseband: 24" min (610mm)
  • Large - noseband: 26" (660mm) 


  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Dark Green
  • Bright Green
  • Red
  • Blue


Product Code: HALTER


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