3.6m Communication Line (12ft)


Manufacturer: Xoaam Equestrian

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Product Information

Available with Brass Snap or light weight Nickel Snap.

Designed by the former manufacturer of Parelli equipment the 3.6m (~12ft) Communication Line is made from 1/2" high quality yachting braid that is smooth, flexible and resistant to sweat. In natural horsemanship, it's very important to have a rope that conveys life and energy so you can communicate clearly through it. This line has a sturdy swivel snap that prevents the rope from twisting and improves feel. Once you've built respect on the 12-foot Line, the challenge needs to extend to 22 feet. You'll build up to the full 22 feet as you become better able to keep control and more effective in your communication on the 12ft line.

Our 12ft line comes in 2 variations:

  • Beginners 12ft line with Brass Snap
  • Beginners/Intermediate 12ft line with light weight Nickel Snap


Product Code: LINE12


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